Is your best seller also an optimal product?


Good products can be profitable in a short time perspective while optimal products also give a more sustainable profitability. Most products and businesses can be more optimal as they in general have been developed only to take care of the profitability of the company. Our experts at Ottosson & Partners can help you to renew or improve your products to be optimal as well as we can help your business to be optimal.


Depending on product or business to investigate different highly qualified experts will be used who in general have a higher academic education complemented with practical experience.


After an analysis by us you will know how to transform a good product or business into an optimal product or business seen in a BUS perspective (B=Business, U=Use/User, S=Society). We can also advice you how to improve your development process based on dynamic principles as Dynamic Product Development, Lean Product Development and/or Agile Software Product Development. Another of our specialties is the creation or new businesses – innovations.


Often a stimulating speech by professor Stig Ottosson initiates the re-engineering or development of good products to be optimal products. He also likes to share his experiences of creating new innovations and how to transform them into sustainable and profitable businesses.


If you still question if you from us can get information how to increase your sustainable profit a good piece of advice is to start to order one of the books listed in our publication list.


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